Welcome to M-TEK, INC.

The doorway to the future of the world automotive technology opens at M-Tek in Manchester, Tennessee. Here, technology is more than the application of science: it is the synthesis between a philosophy of excellence and "state of the future" manufacturing process. M-Tek has been cultivated as a complete facility in which engineering, testing, and quality form a disciplined environment focused on a single objective, continuous improvement. We believe this objective implies more than mere commitment; it implies a striving for the highest possible standards.

M-Tek is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kasai Kogyo Co. Ltd., a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer of over forty years, with facilities located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Kasai is known worldwide for its innovative technology and high-quality products. Our combined international operations and Detroit Sales and Engineering Office provide broad-based services, from design and development through testing and production.

M-Tek Headquarters (Manchester, TN)